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The first AI-powered sales assistant for online stores.

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Imagine if every store in the mall lost all salespeople, effective immediately. Customers have nobody to help them, they're all alone...

Sounds lethal for business right? Well, this is the current state of ecommerce - Haglit is an AI sales assistant that negotiates with your customers & sells your products.

Easy peasy.

Meet Haglit
Engage your customers through Haggling

Engage your customers through haggling

Haglit helps you sell more products.

Integrate into your store and let Haglit charm your visitors.

Learn your customer’s behaviour

Haglit will collect data on your customer’s negotiation tactics.

Get deep insights on how your customers deal through Our Merchant platform (coming soon).

Learn your customer’s behaviour
Supercharge your conversions

Supercharge your conversions

Our pricing algorithm gets a great deal for the customer, as well as the merchant. It’s a win-win

Smooth, smart, slick and completely automated. Haglit handles the entire negotiation.

How about 10% off on the Hoodie, so £27? 🤔

Well can we do £25? 😉

Let’s do £26, that’s 13% off! 🔥

Great deal! 🥳

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