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The First Artificial Intelligence-Powered Sales Assistant For Ecommerce.

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What's Haglit?

Your Store's Unfair Advantage

Imagine if every store in the mall didn't have salespeople, effective immediately. Customers have nobody to help them, they're all alone. Sounds lethal for business right? Well, this is the current state of Ecommerce - Online customers are all alone.

Haglit is an AI sales assistant that integrates into your online store, engages your customers & sells your products. Haglit supercharges your conversion rate & customer satisfaction, by making the online shopping experience realistic.

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How Haglit works

Haglit Engages Your Customers Emotionally

Human-mirroring chatbot, using real conversational linguistic models.

Trained in emotive language through machine learning.

Understands sales psychology & consumer behaviour

Dynamic Pricing through Haggling

Customers haggle to win their discount - Supercharges engagement & conversion likelihood

Merchants set the discount limit on products, Haglit does everything else.

Track real-time customer data to find your pricing sweet spot.

Scale Your Sales Using Smart Upsells

Increase ‘Average Order Value' (AOV) through tested upsells.

View consumer feedback through tailored KPIs.

Create verified sales sequences with just a few clicks.

Smooth, Smart & Slick

Every negotiation is unique. Customers will never get bored.

Interactions are structured to satisfy all types of consumers.

Customers can checkout directly in chat. Massive reduction in conversion loss.

Some Founder Love

'Imagine buying up Manhattan in the 70's - That's the opportunity with AI today...'
'Catching disruptive trends while they're still undervalued leads to explosive growth. The adoption of AI in Ecommerce is already starting to happen & it's happening fast. Stay ahead of the game. Join Haglit!'
Yasin Sebastien Qureshi
Founder & Advisor
Former CEO of NAGA Group AG & Varengold Bank AG
'Engaging customers just became scalable...'
'Haglit gives your customers a personalised sales experience at scale. Imagine the impact of catering to every online customer's needs. This has never been possible until now.'
Danny Hayder
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
'Simple integration, hyper effective results.'
'Almost all analytics plugins for eCommerce focus on passive 'measuring' of customer behaviour, rather than actually talking to them - counting clicks, tracking time and predicting exit intent. Haglit is the first plugin to understand customers on a human level, through real conversation. Plug it in and let it charm.'
Oliver Schleede
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
'Haglit is innovative new tech, built on an age old concept...'
'Haggling has been around since the very beginning of trade. It makes sense - customers get a great deal that they're satisfied with & merchants increase sales volume and revenue. It's been a win-win transaction for physical merchants and customers for centuries. Haglit brings this mutual value to online commerce!'
Jon Simms
Founder & Chief Operating Officer
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