Make shopping fun again

Making shopping human

Haggling is thousands of years old. In fact, the concept of negotiation is the fundamental structure of human trade. From our ancestors trading the day’s catch for supplies, to us trading vintage garments for money at the hipster market, haggling still stands as a core component of transaction.

Somewhere in the early 90s when commerce moved online, the technology at the time wasn’t advanced enough to accommodate negotiation in any efficient or feasible way. So they left it out. One of the core components of human transaction was effectively ‘lost in translation’ when ecommerce started.

Here is where Haglit comes in. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, we are simply bringing the last stronghold of commerce into the online space. You see, negotiation includes everyone and is for everyone. Whether you’re online buying expensive jewellery, a new watch or just your weekly groceries, haggling can and should be a part of the process. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying luxury or budget goods, high ticket or low ticket . All that matters is the deal.

Making Shopping Human
Making Shopping Gamified

Making shopping gamified

Let’s face it - nobody is intrinsically excited about going through the buying and checkout process on an online store. Yes they are very excited to receive the product, but the actually shopping and checkout process is seen as a necessary hoop to jump through to get the desired product. But what if you could make the physical act of buying online fun too and not just a hurdle? Imagine the added value to the customer, as well as the added benefit to the merchant’s conversion and sales figures.

Haglit is changing the way people buy stuff. Instead of clicking through the buttons and filling out the forms, Haglit adds a gaming layer and allows the customer to feel like a winner for negotiating their own discount. When visitors are thinking about buying something on your store, instead of passively receiving a discount offer because it’s ‘sale season,’ Haglit is there to actively engage them with a personalised offer that they can’t refuse.

Great customer journey = engagement + personalisation + chance of reward

Making shopping more lucrative

By its nature, haggling means dynamic pricing. Different customers get different deals based on their negotiation skills. Some are happy with a small discount, some play hardball. Currently, ecommerce only offers static pricing with no ability for negotiation. Basic economics tells us that there is money being left on the table here. Adding a dynamic pricing layer through haggling opens up the market to many more buyers and in turn, much higher potential sales.

But the utility doesn’t stop there. You see, from everyone that haggles on your store, we are able to collect their data & negotiation behaviour. Here is where the hyper-focused retargeting comes in. We are giving stores a completely new & powerful angle of retargeting simply by integrating our product.

Making Shopping Human

Meet the Team

Yasin Qureshi
Founder and Advisor

Yasin is a founder and advisor at Haglit. He is in charge of making sure our company is on track to grow and expand quickly but sustainably. At age 19, he started his own brokerage firm called Varengold, which he later turned into a commercial bank and took public in 2007. Yasin transitioned fully to the tech world in 2015 after founding NAGA Group, the fastest growing financial technology company in Europe. He IPO’d NAGA on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and negotiated the deal for the majority acquisition of the company, by the Chinese Fosun Group. After taking a short career break to produce movies and write books on tech startups, Yasin is back and now working on his next big project for ecommerce: Haglit.

Danial Ali
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Danny is a founder and Chief Executive Officer at Haglit. He is also the youngest member of the team at 22 years old. Prior to working on Haglit, Danny founded a social network mobile app called Pingr after raising a successful seed round of investment alongside his GCSEs, which was later sold. Whilst at university, he went on to consult at the publicly-listed NAGA Group AG to create & structure their entire webinar-driven marketing funnel - from cold lead to conversion & retention. Outside of the office, Danny enjoys mixed martial arts, Italian cooking and watching Money Heist with dual subtitles.

Jon Simms
Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Jon is a founder and Chief Operating Officer at Haglit. He manages the workflows and processes needed to keep the Haglit ship running smoothly. Jon has spent the last 12 years working in banking and financial services: All things to do with specialised debt & corporate structuring in technology, media and real estate. When he’s not at his laptop, you would most likely find him watching football, playing football or otherwise engaging in something to do with football ⚽️. He was also Jordan’s best man at his wedding.

Jordan Strong
Founder & Chief Sales Officer

Jordan is a founder and Chief Sales Officer at Haglit. As a firm believer in building long-term productive relationships, his role is to construct, manage and inspire the Haglit salesforce to provide as much value to our customers as possible. Jordan has 10+ years of board-level experience, training sales teams in the technology and luxury automotive industries. Outside of work, he is footy-mad and plays football 2/3 times a week. He also holds a season ticket for “The Mighty Royals,” (Reading FC). He was Jon’s best man at his wedding.

Yuan Zhong
Software Developer

Yuan is a software developer in the Haglit team. He is a skilled developer ready to contribute his powers and wizardry to the product development. He is currently responsible for developing the Shopify app, as well as troubleshooting technical issues. Yuan is a passionate about enhancing his technical ability. When he’s not working, he enjoys gaming and studying different programming languages and new technologies.

Polly Chekhova

Polly is our designer at Haglit. She is responsible for designing and building our website, presentations and other materials. If you see something nicely designed, it most likely came from Polly. Polly has 6+ years of experience in UX/UI design and 2+ years of experience in no-code development. In Polly's free time she travels a lot, discovering different cultures and cuisines.

Geraint John
Legal Representative

Geraint is the legal representative at Haglit. He oversees that the company is GDPR compliant and fully above board. His experience lies in intangible assets, predominantly advising startup businesses with technology-based commercial offerings. Geraint and Jon were neighbours at university in Manchester, and bonded over Pro Evolution Soccer™️ matches on Playstation 2™️.

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