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How do I publish or unpublish Haglit on my product or collection?

To publish Haglit on a product or collection, firstly click the checkbox on the left of the product or collection. Then select 'publish' on the dropdown menu and enter the maximum discount (%) that you'll allow Haglit to go to & the maximum quantity of products per customer haggle session. Then click the 'publish' button. To unpublish is the same process but select 'unpublish' on the dropdown menu instead and click the unpublish button

How do I change the maximum discount or quantity that Haglit can offer?

Simply click the checkbox and choose 'update' from the dropdown. Enter the new discount and/or quantity values and click the 'update' button. This will change the max discount and quantity that Haglit can offer.

How do I add or change Haglit on multiple products at once?

You can add Haglit to an entire collection by simply clicking the checkbox next to the collection, which will select every product inside. Then you can use the collection's input fields and buttons to affect all selected products. You can also select products inside a collection and use the collection's fields and buttons to publish/update/unpublish in bulk. Unfortunately we don't currently have this feature for products that aren't in a collection but we are working on this now and it's coming soon!

What if I change the price of a Haglit-enabled product on Shopify?

Just reopen the app on your Shopify Admin and we will get the updated price of the product.


What will the Haglit 'Make an Offer' button look like?

The button is designed to be sleek, small and unobtrusive. It sits in the bottom right corner of your store. We are building the functionality for you to customise the look and placement of the button on your store.

How long do Haglit discount codes last?

When a customer haggles and gets a discount code, this will last for 20 minutes. This gives them enough urgency to buy the product now rather than later, but still allows time for browsing other products if they wish to do so. In the future we will give merchants the ability to customise the time limit.

Does Haglit interfere of interrupt existing sale items?

No. Haglit offers discount codes independently of other sales that you are running. You can use Haglit on a discounted item, as we simply will use the sale price. Haglit can be added to any product you want without intefering with your other discounts or sales strategies.

Can Customers use discount codes over and over again?

No, Haglit discounts are haggled by customers individually, so discount codes are one-time use only and for the quantity of units that the customer has chosen. If the discount code is unused, it will expire after 20 minutes.

Technical & Other

Why does Haglit Merchant Platform take so long to load?

We apologise for the loading time, we are working on fixing this right now. We designed the platform to load all of your products automatically so that you don't need to add products manually, which would be added hassle. Loading the products is what takes a long time to load, but we already have a strategy to reduce this and are developing this update.

What do I do if I find a bug or have an issue?

We apologise for any issues you may face, we're a new company and we're working on making the product as good as possible everyday. For any concerns, please reach out to reach out directly to Founder Danny either via email: danny@haglit.com or by text: +44 7735 128 481. 

Why does the Merchant Platform show all of the variants?

We are working on making our Product organisation better. The reason for showing variants is because you may have different variants of products with different prices, that you would want to discount differently or not include in Haglit at all. We want to give you a granular control over this. We are currently working on making the Merchant Platform more user friendly.

Can I make feature requests?

Yes! We welcome user feedback on how to improve the product. If you have any ideas or suggestions for new features, please fill out the form below or email founder jordan@haglit.com.

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